**UPDATE: 29 January 2018**

Fairbanks Guided Snowmobile Tour

We just received a foot of fresh snow and the trails are in excellent condition.  Everything is frosted with a beautiful white blanket of snow.  The scenery is amazing.  Don’t forget your camera!

We have seen moose and other wildlife on almost every tour.  Click HERE for some pictures from the last couple weeks.

I have 7 brand new 2018 Ski Doo Touring snowmobiles available to book online at any time.  I  have more snowmobiles available for larger groups–just give me a call to arrange your tour.

Fairbanks Snowmobile Tour

Slip on your heated helmet and hit the gas. We are headed into Alaska’s winter wonderland through dense spruce forests and spindly willows for a peak into Interior Alaska’s wild side. Are you a first time snowmobile rider looking to experience Alaska by snowmobile for a couple hours or a more adventurous person looking for an overnight excursion? No matter what you are looking for; I have the experience for you.

Most snowmobile tours will be just your group. I keep the groups small to ensure personal service and a GREAT tour.

All of my snowmobiles are new 2018 Ski Doo luxury touring snowmobiles. These snowmobiles are made for riding in style and comfort. All of my snowmobiles have heated handgrips, reverse, and electric start. Heated helmets, gloves, neck gators, bibs, jackets, and boots (size 5 to 13) included in your tour.

We typically see some wildlife on every trip. The animals we may see are: Moose, Caribou, Coyote, Lynx, Red Fox, Grouse, Ptarmigan, and Squirrels. It is also very common to pass mushers training with their sled dogs. We see the most moose/wildlife on the first tour of the day. We have seen up to 29 moose on a morning tour.

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What To Expect:

  • 1 1/2 hours is allotted for a 1 hour tour. 2 1/2 hours for a 2 hour tour and 3 1/2 hours for a 3 hour tour.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled tour start time.  Tours will NOT wait for late arrivals.  Late arrivals are considered no-shows and refunds will not be issued.
  • Meet at snowmobile tour office in North Pole (30 min. drive from Fairbanks) Type “Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service” into navigation system.
  • Sign liability waiver
  • Fit heated helmet & clothing 
  • Snowmobile safety & operation brief
  • Snowmobile practice ride near office
  • Depart for 1 hour tour on trails
Fairbanks Tours Daily November through April.
**Please wear contacts instead of eye glasses.  Some eye glasses will fog–hindering vision.**
**Snowmobiles have a 300 pound/135 Kilogram total weight limit for double riders**

**Double Riders can switch drivers during the tour.**
**Minimum age to drive is 14 years old.  Minimum passenger age is 4 years old**


See Availability

  • All snowmobile tours do NOT have a minimum number of people, but do have a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Single Rider: $125.00 per hour, 3 hours or more $100.00 per hour *INQUIRE*
  • Double Riders: $175.00 per hour, 3 hours or more $150.00 per hour *INQUIRE*

TRANSPORTATION NOT PROVIDED.  Please visit our transportation partners to arrange transport:

  • 2 hr snowmobile adventure and 4 hr day time ice fishing excursion combo. $300.00 per person *INQUIRE*
  • 2 hour snowmobile adventure and 5 hour night time ice fishing & aurora viewing excursion combo. $375.00 per person *INQUIRE*

Snowmobile tours will be cancelled and a full refund issued if the temperatures are minus 30 degrees or colder.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No refund unless cancelled by Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service. Date/time changes are free more than 48 hrs in advance.

What previous customers are saying about Rod’s snowmobile tours:
Wow! The highlight of my trip to Alaska was the ice fishing and snowmobile tour with Rod.Lauren from CA
One of the best days of my life! Snow machines (riding) and ice fishing were the perfect combo for a day excursion.David S