Fairbanks Guided Snowmobile Tour

Now accepting bookings for the 2018/19 winter season.  We will open soon as we have 12 inches of snow.  The 10 November start date is approximate.  Hopefully we will have a white Halloween this year and we can trick-or-treat by snowmobile. 

Snowmobile tours start at 3355 Repp Road North Pole, AK 99705

I gladly accept same day bookings but reservations are highly recommended
**UPDATE: 8 August 2018**

Fairbanks Snowmobile Tour

We pride ourselves in offering fantastic snowmobile tours. Click below to read about the full experience!

What To Expect on Your Tour

Click below to see what you can expect and how to prepare for your snowmobile tour.

  • All snowmobile tours do NOT have a minimum number of people, but do have a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Single Rider: $135.00 per hour *INQUIRE*
  • Double Riders: $185.00 per hour *INQUIRE*
  • Double Riders: Adult driver + child passenger (13 & under) $165.00 per hour *INQUIRE*

  • 2 hr snowmobile adventure and 4 hr day time ice fishing excursion combo. $325.00 per person *INQUIRE*
  • 2 hour snowmobile adventure and 5 hour night time ice fishing & aurora viewing excursion combo. $375.00 per person *INQUIRE*

Snowmobile tours will be cancelled and a full refund issued if the temperatures are minus 30 degrees or colder. CANCELLATION POLICY: 100% refund or free date and/or time changes more than 48 hrs prior to adventure start.

TRANSPORTATION NOT PROVIDED.  Please visit our transportation partners to arrange transport:

For same day bookings . . .

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What previous customers are saying about Rod’s snowmobile tours:
Wow! The highlight of my trip to Alaska was the ice fishing and snowmobile tour with Rod.Lauren from CA
One of the best days of my life! Snow machines (riding) and ice fishing were the perfect combo for a day excursion.David S